Welcome to Fort Bend Helis

Fort Bend Helis is an AMA sanctioned club dedicated to the enjoyment of flying radio controlled helicopters and quad copters (sometimes referred to as “drones”).    An ever-increasing number of members are imparting their personal experience to the group – adding up to a knowledge base that benefits new   pilots and veterans alike.  Tips, tricks, and techniques are gladly handed out to those who are involved in assembling their first   kit, folks who are about to attempt their heli’s maiden flight, and to the “big dogs” who need to figure out how to trick up their flying with new extreme 3D flying skills.

Beginners and advanced 3D fliers all benefit from the amenities at our private flying field in Rosenberg, TX.  With multiple flying stations, covered staging areas, electrical power, safety fencing, air conditioned pilots lounge and indoor restrooms…..the Fort Bend Heli site is simply the best experience you can have with your RC helicopter or quad.  The flying field is located just west of the Fort Bend County Fairgrounds south of Hwy 59 on Hwy 36.  Open seven days a week all year long, members are not restricted to weekends only and can easily plan their flying during days with outstanding weather conditions.

Click HERE for the local aviation oriented weather forecast!

FPV Flying Around Fort Bend Heli Field

Fort Bend Heli RC Club
Overhead view of paddock and runways
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